Stick Falls - 1 Day

To enjoy the beauty of nature we must pay by conquering nature itself. After a tiring trip looking for a location I still had to walk. Byuhh … Just imagine, to arrive to the location located in Sei Bingai, North Sumatra, I got lost several times. From Langkat, I headed to Binjai. Then head to Namo Ukur Pekan. This is where I went wrong. Supposedly, when I met the Sei Bingai Regional Police Station, I turned right. But I just took the straight way. After all this time, you have to reverse direction again. Along the way there are no clear signs. New signboards are about 3 KM before the location.

“This location is managed by people like us, Bang. The government does not contribute at all, “said Bang Mende, explaining the existence and management of tourist sites in the village of Rumah Galoh. There are about 6 groups that provide natural cruising services to the location. Each group has a different route. The signboards were made by these groups while offering their services. “Our group’s name is Pelaruga. All members come from residents. There are about 15 permanent members

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Day 1
The first day

Pelaruga (Pemandu Alam Rumah Galuh) is the tourism object that become favorite destination for foreign tourist. There are three spot tourism that will be visited, those are; Lau Berte Waterfall, Teroh-Teroh Waterfall and Kolam Abadi. In accordance with its name Pelaruga. You will be invited to explore through the natural forests that are still well preserved. The natural beauty of exotic blends match with the atmosphere so fun. Pelaruga is located in Rumah Galuh Village, Binjai District, Langkat Regency. But the locals community more usually called Desa Rumah Galoh. Access to get Pelaruga is easy to reach. Only take for about three hours from Medan city. Medan – Binjai – Namu Ukur – Desa Rumah Galoh


  • Transport
  • Toiled
  • Life Jacket
  • Local Guide

Not included

  • Makan
  • Air Minum
  • Obat Obat
  • Perlengkapan Mandi

Trip Facts

  • 3 Orang
  • 6 Orang